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Reviews for Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

By Suki

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By Deb on April 25, 2012

a bit harsh 3

I like this product, and I feel bad saying anything bad about a product from this company since it has amazing ingredients but this is too rough for the face. I would definitely recommend using it for the body, but also since it’s a sugar scrub, it does melt away fairly quickly. I just think the skin on your face is very delicate and you want to treat it that way. You do not need to scrub away at it to clean it.

By A.Chang on March 16, 2012

Can't go wrong with this one 4

This is a really good cleanser if you like to exfoliate every day. Gentle enough for everyday use (but maybe not twice a day!) and leaves the skin with a nice glow- smells amazing and foams up nicely. Great for oily skin, can’t go wrong.

By Product on March 13, 2012

Smell-gasm in a jar! 5

When I discovered Suki’s exfoliate foaming cleanser, I did declare: This here’s a treat for the senses! and went straight for the 4 oz. jar, no testers this time friends, not with a product that promised to be so zesty and skin perfecting. So here’s the drill: I grab a toothpaste sized amount from the glass jar and start slathering it between my palms. It makes a magical shwi shwi shwi sound turning from gritty, citrusy, sugary roughness to sudsy and then ultimately becoming slightly oily. The grande finale is when your face feels squeaky clean and is fresh as a citrus breath mint.

By I. on January 30, 2012

Best Facial Scrub 5

Best Scrub!

This product is the best to control and remove the collected sebum around the nose and chin. It smells lemony so as soon as you use it wakes up your senses. It’s not harsh, does not leave skin dry. It makes skin soft. Prepares skin for your make up by leaving smooth. I love this product I been using 3 months and I only use it twice a week and I still have a half a jar so it makes it very worth it. Also consider buying the foam cleanser I use it daily I give Suki products 10+.

By Kr on November 17, 2011

Wonderful product 5

This product smells wonderful. It feels wonderful on the skin. It is not too abrasive but cleans out the skin. The only downfall is that you have to use it up quick because the sugar breaks down after a while:-)

By Mb on October 7, 2011

A little too coarse 4

I was disappointed with this product but I wasn’t in love with it either. It was a little too course for my skin.

By Sk on August 12, 2011

Suki convert 4

I think I may be a Suki convert. It smells amazing, feels nice to exfoliate every night, and has made my skin look more alive, less dull. And I love the packaging, especially that it’s in a glass jar. Looking forward to trying many more of their products.

By Terri on June 12, 2011

Smells amazing and love the foaming action! 5

Love everything about this product! Smells so fresh and clean, I like that it foams and it’s just the right amount of exfoliation and not irritating.

By Kp on May 28, 2011

Nothing too astonishing 3

I felt like i got the same results from using sugar, honey and lemon mixed together, and for a cheaper price too. The product itself is okay but isn’t anything special. It does foam up nicely, but the granules melt way too quickly and barely give you enough of an exfoliating effect.

By Kate on March 26, 2011

Meh. 2

Meh. This stuff is too harsh for daily use for sensitive skin, but doesn’t really do much when used. Kinda hurts a bit if you don’t ‘melt’ the crystals in your hands first, but then it turns into a cream which defeats the point and doesn’t exfoliate. Also, if you use it infrequently, it dries out after a month or two.

Go for the Dr. Hauschka cleansing creme. It works great and can be used every day, even on sensitive skin like mine.