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Reviews for Eye Lift Radiance Renewal Cream

By Suki

Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 hearts
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By Fern on May 1, 2013

Nothing miraculous, but it's nice... 4

No miracles, I don’t look any younger, but it’s a nice eye cream that I use at night. It absorbs well and isn’t greasy. Would definitely purchase again.

By Lola on January 20, 2013

Very specific product, not for everyone. 3

I have had quite a few samples of this eye cream. Maybe someone will say that it’s not enough to review the product, but after using eye lift cellular renewal cream for five consecutive days, I have to say that I would not purchase it. I like a lot of Suki products. Not this one. One reviewer said that it drys her eye area. In my case it does not dry but it FEELS dry and a bit tight. Possible this cream would be appreciated by someone looking for eye lifting effect. Well, it’s called “Eye Lift Cream” after all…. I can not imagine applying makeup over this cream. It has powdery finish on my eyelids. Also, not a big fan of the scent and that pearly luster that cream has. Applying it in the evening, feels like applying white pearl eye shadows under my eyes. I don’t wear makeup at bed :) All in all, it’s good product for someone looking for that lifting effect around eyes, but try a few samples before spending $60 or so.

By Christine on September 22, 2012

My perfect Eye Cream 5

I’ve become a bit of an eye cream connoisseur over the years. I have literally tried hundreds, from the most expensive (YBF Correct, Perricone, etc) to the drug store (Garnier, Olay, etc) and absolutely EVERYTHING in between. I have very specific requirements for my eye cream, which must be met, in order to achieve a re-purchase. Suki’s Eye Lift Cellular Renewal Cream has met all of my demands and then some! I’ve been using it night and day for a year, and I can truthfully say that my eyes have never looked better. It appears to be so light and fluffy, yet when applied – becomes a very hard worker. It smoothes and tones the delicate skin around my eyes. It also provides just the right amount of hydration, so that the skin is plump and soft – yet not at all greasy. It is also the perfect foundation for concealer, yet I find that since I’ve been using this cream – I rarely need it. It smells great, feels great, looks great, and seems to have significant repairative qualities that make this my perfect eye cream..

By Rain on July 25, 2012

calms eyes with eczema 5

This light cream feels great on the eyes, and it smooths out wrinkles nicely. It provides a quick pick-me-up when I am feeling sleepy, as the cool moister under the eyes helps me feel more awake! Likewise, it makes me look a little more awake ;) My skin is extremely sensitive – I struggle with eczema in and around my eyes – and this cream has really helped calm the area around my eyes a lot. I feel younger and prettier for using it.

By Mb on October 7, 2011

OK 4

A little goes a long way with this product and it isn’t heavy under the eyes like other eye creams can be. I did find the scent to be somewhat unpleasant though.

By Gina on September 14, 2011

I'm addicted 5

I received this product as a free sample in my last order from Saffron Rouge. It works better than any other eye cream I’ve ever tried. I use it every morning and evening. I never thought I’d pay this much for an eye cream, but I believe it’s worth every penny.

By Alicia on August 12, 2011

A really lovely slightly rosy cream 5

This is a really lovely cream. It has the faintest rose scent, which I really like. It takes only a very small dab of cream to do the trick, and the texture is really great. I don’t really have an issue with puffiness, just shadow sometimes, so I can’t really speak to the effect this cream has with those problems, but I think it’s a great basic moisturizing eye cream.

By Suzanne on February 19, 2011

Great for Sensitive Skin and Eyes 5

This cream is fabulous, although I would almost describe it as a serum. Absorbed almost immediately and left the eye area feeling smooth and comfortable. I have sensitive eyes and at no point was there any stinging or discomfort. Also, very lightly scented (I’ve never quite understood heavily perfumed eye products).

By Deb on February 16, 2011

Great smoothing of the eyelid 5

This is one of the best eye creams I’ve found for smoothing that drape-iness of the eyelid that comes with age. I use it at night, but it could also be used for day as it is not too heavy or greasy. Also, I have very sensitive eyes, and this cream does not bother them at all.

By Josephine on February 16, 2011

Disappointing... 1

This product is irritating (probably because it contains denat. alcohol). After using this product, the area around my eyes turned red, and my eye lids were very itchy. I would not recommend this product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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