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Reviews for Pure Facial Moisture - Balancing

By Suki

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By Lindsay on February 12, 2014

Keeps It's Promises! 5

This product does exactly what it says it will do -balances oil/dryness, soothes redness and irritation. Left my skin feeing super soft!

By Hannah on October 30, 2013

Didn't love at first but now a MUST have!!! 5

I was a little skeptical of this product at first but due to the great reviews I tried it. At first my skin was excessively oily but I think my skin was just getting use to the product so I only put it on at night. Now it is part of my daily morning and night routine and my skin looks great. I use it in combination with the Suki Concentrated Balancing Toner and Bio-Active Purifying Face Serum and like the other reviews, just a few drops will do. I can go a whole day now and my face doesn’t look shiny from excess oil production. It doesn’t dry up your skin like some acne-preventive products. Don’t give up on this product after a few applications…it may take awhile for your skin to adjust oil production.

By Ken on September 27, 2013

My Holy grail 5

This is my go to moisturizer. The best thing I have ever used, and the product that got me hooked on suki products. I haven’t had any major acne break outs at all since. Skin glows, and not oily. A little bit of the oil does the job. Only con is that it’s only 15ml for the price

By K on June 8, 2013

just a couple of drops will do 5

I love the Suki line. I have acneic/blemish prone skin and Suki has been my saviour. I love that this is organic and has worked better than any other products I’ve tried before. Took me a long time to find Suki so I highly recommend to try this line. It’s expensive but it has worked for me. Only a couple of drops are needed of this oil to sink into the skin. I wake up with fresh, dewey, soft, and radiant skin. Some days I don’t wear any make-up at all but if I do I use the Suki concealer.
Try, try, try !!!

By Stephanie on June 5, 2013

Holy Grail of moisturizers! 5

If I could only have one facial product, I would pick this one. It is far and away the best facial moisturizer I’ve ever tried, and that is saying a lot. A single drop goes a long way, it has helped balance my skin’s oil production and it does not clog pores or cause breakouts. It smells fantastic, and I actually really like the dropper system. If you haven’t had luck with moisturizing lotions or creams and have been scared of using oils, don’t be – try this one, you will love it!

By Kate on January 8, 2013

Great Facial Oil 4

When I opened the sample packet of this, I didn’t realize it was an oil. I’ve used oil before asa moisturizer, so the idea wasn’t foreign to me, but in the last year or so I have gotten used to lotions and like their texture better. I loved this oil though! It really makes my skin feel nourished and hydrated, and despite it being an oil, it does not make my skin feel oily or break out at all. Great stuff!

By Lms on December 22, 2012

my "must-have" 5

This is my “must-have” product. It calms down redness and breakouts. I also love its subtle scent. I think it is not just calming for my face but my overall mood. Perfect before bed. It really seems to have helped balance out my skin. I have sensitive skin and this is the first oil I have been able to use without it being overly scented or too rich. Love it <3

By Suzanne on December 13, 2012

great product 5

I have been using this wonderful product for about 2 years, it has done wonders for my skin. I have virtually no breakouts, it has enhanced the overall look to my skin. I have been using it with the facial scrub and once a week I use the facial peel. I recommend all of them.

By Rain on July 25, 2012

really nice for super-sensitive skin 5

This has been my go-to oil since I was fortunate enough to receive a sample. I struggle with eczema, and sunscreen makes things even worse. I now use this oil two times daily (even though the recommendation is once at night), and my skin feels calm, silky, and not at all oily. The eczema is greatly reduced. As far as I’m concerned, this is working magic. I can even where sunscreen on my face without horrible results, as long as I wash my face when I come in and quickly apply this oil.

By Denise on May 24, 2012

Perfect overnight moisturizer 5

I used to have adult cystic acne before I started using Suki products, and this is one of my favorites for overnight moisturizing. It sinks into my skin and I wake up with silky smooth, perfectly calm skin. I was really concerned about putting oil on my skin, but this stuff has enabled my skin to achieve perfect balance. Love!