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Reviews for Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel

By Suki

Average rating: 4.3 out of 5 hearts
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By Sarah on September 1, 2011

really good 4

everything this product did for my skin is really good- it brightened, toned, helped with overall radiance. also helped w/ breakouts. its just so expensive for the amount in the container..(thats why i took away the star). also, this is not what i imagined as a “peel” but still awsome

By Lee on February 15, 2011

Blemish fighting miracle! 5

AMAZING PRODUCT. I use it twice a week to remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. No stinging or pain like I used to endure when I used AHA gel. Also works wonders on blemishes. I put it on before bed and wake up with a SIGNIFICANT reduction. I haven’t had this much success with drugstore and clay products. Definitely recommend and will continue repurchasing!

By Yannik on January 26, 2011

Like an instant mini-vacation for your skin! 5

This product is magical! I have incredibly sensitive skin with rosacea so harsh products (peels, exfoliants, AHAs) always upset my skin. I was delighted to finally find a peel that works for me, leaving my skin clearer, brighter, smoother, more rested. Because of my sensitive skin, there is some redness immediately after I apply this peel so I use it before bed and wake up looking extra refreshed. After trying this product I have become a loyal Suki fan.

By Pam on January 25, 2011

Great acne cure! 5

I LOVE this peel! I suffer from frequent breakouts, so I use this peel overnight to help deal with those areas. The next morning, it’s as if there was never anything there. I just recently discovered this and now I will never be able to go without it. Fantastic product!

By Andrea on January 25, 2011

Must have...will not be without this product! 5

This peel is amazing!! It clears dead skin cells and reveals a new fresh complexion. I also use it for spot treatments overnight. I have never used a product that is so effecitve in reducing the redness, swelling and appearance of blemishes. This is an absolute staple in my skincare regimen and worth every penny.