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Reviews for Transformative Cleansing Clay

By Suki

Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 hearts
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By Elizabeth on April 15, 2014

Goes on smoothly, Feels great 5

This is a light clay, goes on smoothly, smells great and feels good to know its loaded with great natural ingredients.

By Britt on March 28, 2014

Made my skin glow after using this mask 6

I received a smaple packet of this terrific cleansing clay in my Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box. Loved the unusual, exotic scent, and the way it made my skin glow after using it as a mask. Just bought a bottle… I’m sold!

By Michele on March 22, 2014

Good multipurpose clay product 4

I like suki products and this one is no exception. I was not overly surprised at the liquid-y texture of the clay, as I have received another clay mask by Kora and it was very liquid-y as well. This seems to be a trend now – not these heavy thick clay masks, but a more multi-purpose light clay mask. I have only used it as a mask, as I only got a sample of this, but if I purchase this full size, I will try it out as a cleansing product too.

By Sarah on February 24, 2014

Sample 4

Got this as a sample: just based off of one use, it smells good, and applies easily (the clay is watery) across the face. I left it on while I was brushing my teeth then rinsed it off. Would have to try for longer to know how effective it is

By Lms on January 6, 2014

The perfect spot treatment for sensitive skin 5

The best overnight spot treatment I have ever used! It’s great for sensitive skin and it doesn’t dry your skin out. I have experienced great results with Suki products and this product is no exception. My aunt borrowed my bottle the other night for her inflamed rosacea and blemished skin. She woke up to a much calmer, less red and inflamed complexion with barely noticeable blemishes. Looks like it’s a must-have for sensitive skin.

By Vanessa on December 8, 2013

Five stars! 5

The milky consistency of this product really surprised me when I first tried it, but don’t let that fool you! This product has worked very well for me as a cleanser, mask, and spot treatment. I use 1 pump to cover my face when cleansing, or when using it as a mask. It disappears when applied to your face, which might be why some people say they use more than 1 pump. I find 1 pump is enough for me. I think I’ve had it for almost two months (maybe a bit less), and it is still half full. It has a light floral scent, which I love. It also helps keep my skin clear, which I REALLY love!!

By Hannah on August 2, 2013

Expensive but worth it 4

This product is a little more watery than I expected it. I use about 5 pumps to cover my face. It does smell nice and feel nice. Only have used it a couple of times and have had nice results so far. I have used as blemish control overnight and while the blemish was not gone in the morning, it was less red and inflammed.
It is a little expensive for a cleaner, but if it works why not? Can’t put a price on a clean confident face!

By K on June 8, 2013

! 5

I got this as a sample but don’t think there was enough product in the packet to cover the entire face and produce a good result. I think I will purchase this soon and try it, I’ve loved all other Suki products so far.

By Liora on May 26, 2013

Love Suki! 5

Suki has done a great job with this product. My extremely sensitive skin flourishes with their products. The Transformative Cleansing Clay is the first product I have been able to use as a spot treatment which actually improves my skin overnight, rather than making it worse. I use this as a mask as well, and my skin feels so refreshed! Suki may be expensive but if that is price to pay for superb quality and something that actually does what it intends to do, I’m sold!

By Stephanie on March 12, 2013

Fantastic cleanser/mask! 5

I just got this clay last week, and I’ve already noticed that my skin is looking better than ever! I’m using it as a cleanser in the morning (since I don’t have time to leave it on long enough as a mask) and as a mask on the weekend when I can let it sit for 15+ minutes before rinsing it off. I have blemish-prone, sensitive, combination skin, and it leaves my skin feeling perfectly balanced, neither oily nor dry and tight (which I have never experienced before and I LOVE). I also love that I can have it on as a mask and do stuff around the house without really obvious goop all over my face! The only drawback is it doesn’t remove makeup very well, so I’m going to give Suki’s creamy foaming cleanser a try in the evenings. Otherwise, I really love this product!

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