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Reviews for Velvet Moisturizing Cream

By Suki

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By Linda on May 15, 2014

I like the suki butter better 3

I received a sample in my inner circle box. I wasn’t impressed with the product. It didn’t seem to moisturize well and had a strange scent that lingered too long. I love other suki products and was hoping the scent would be like their ‘signature’ scent.

By Vanessa on February 28, 2014

Staple product! 5

I love this lotion! If I have the extra minute after I shower, I usually use either this product or the delicate hydrating oil. My skin is extremely dry (I have eczema) and I think that this cream improves its texture and appearance. I use between 4 and 8 pumps almost every time I use it, and I think it has definitely lasted long enough to make it worth the price. Not to mention the delicious smell!

By Michele on February 20, 2014

Save your money for something else 1

I was so happy to get this as a sample and after trying it out, I am glad I didn’t waste money on a full sized product. This is not a cream, it is a very thin lotion. It is not for people who need hydration and quite frankly, I have never experienced a lotion this thin & watery before. I do not recommend this product and I normally love Suki products.

By Lindsay on February 11, 2014

Not A Cream 4

I think calling this a cream is a bit much. It’s a thin lotion. But for such a thin lotion it actually does do quite a bit of moisturizing. It’s a good product, but not a great product. From Suki, I expected a little more.

By Stacey on January 3, 2014

Light and silky 5

More of a lotion than a cream. Great as a MAINTENANCE moisturizer. Does make your skin feel like velvet IF your skin is already hydrated and not in need of repair. Smell is subtle and unisex. Absorbs quickly.

By Megan on March 6, 2013

Wasn't what I expected... 3

As another reviewer stated – you would think, by the name, that this cream would be a very nourishing one. I found that this cream was not very effective at moisturizing my skin at all. The term “velvet” perhaps would come from the texture it has going onto the skin, which feels smooth and silky. However, this cream did not provide lasting moisturizing, and did not seem to improve the look of my skin (didn’t make it look healthier/smoother, or anything). Also, at times I felt like the essential oil components were irritating to my skin. This might be good for someone who lives in a humid environment and does not need as much moisture for their skin, as it is a lightweight lotion that easily absorbs. But do not expect it to nourish your skin to any great effect. I am glad I only bought the “to-go” size, to try, and didn’t have to end up buying the full size. This lotion is definitely not worth the price!

By Kia on December 12, 2011

Very velvety, very nice 4

I loved this. A bit of an earthier smell, but not overpowering. I would say more like a nice mild herb garden. And I loved that after rubbing it in really well on my face that it really started to feel like velvet! Reminded me of when you make a pie crust and you crush the butter up as small as possible and you want it to feel ‘velvety’; that’s exactly what this feels like! Very nice!

By Vera on February 18, 2011

Wasn't that moisturizing 2

Given the product’s name, I was expecting a thick emollient cream but it was pretty watery and ineffective.

By Carol on February 15, 2011

lovely overall moisturizer 5

This is a lovely, light-textured lotion that can be used all over — body, hands & feet. It moisturizes without feeling greasy & has a nice unobtrusive & natural scent that won’t interfere with any fragrance you are wearing. I keep a small travel size in my purse to use on my hands & keep the larger size at home for use after a shower. Great product!

By Heidi on February 15, 2011

Too Woodsy smelling 4

This is a wonderful natural smoothing product, but I could not get passed the smell, a woodsy kind of smell. Had to return.