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Tallulah Jane Aiyana Natural Eau de Parfum  

Aiyana Natural Eau de Parfum

Aiyana is a soft and tender blend that appeals to the most feminine of sensibilities.

By Tallulah Jane


Size: 30mL/1fl.oz

Country: United States


3 customer reviews

Aiyana is a soft and tender blend that appeals to the most feminine of sensibilities.

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Pure Moroccan Rose is delicately balanced with notes of Vanilla and Rock Rose which are all brightened with a fleeting scent of Italian Lemon. A true enchanter which warms the heart while floating in a spray of boundless possibilities.


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By Afton on December 27, 2013

a little expensive, but worth it. 5

The best fragrance ever. I am in love with this scent by Tallulah Jane. Floral; sweet and feminine.

By Prue on October 22, 2012

Light and fresh 4

This is a lighter version of the Aiyana Perfume. I find natural perfumes in general don't last long enough (it's those nasty chemicals that give it staying power), so Eau de Parfum lasts even less, but this is such a beautiful fragrance it's not that big a deal for me to give myself another squirt mid-way through the day.

By Yasmine on November 6, 2012

Fresh and pretty 5

Love this perfume. The rose notes are tempered with a hint of lemon, so it's not too flowery. It's just fresh and pretty. I've tried a few of these Tallulah Jane fragrances and their all special. This is my fave, though.

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Directions for use

Unlike its synthetic cousins, natural perfume doesn't need chemicals to express itself. But it does need a little time to breathe. Give it a minute or two after applying for full effect.


Ethyl Alcohol (Organic Grape Alcohol), Ricinus communis (Organic Castor Oil), Parfum (Fragrance)*

*100% Organic, wildcrafted or natural essential oils.

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