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Reviews for Gotham Natural Perfume

By Tallulah Jane

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By Nicola on March 1, 2013

My personal favortie of all the TJ perfumes 4

I tried a few different Tallulah Jane perfumes, and have decided that this one is my new signature scent. It’s pretty and lively and not too overpowering, feminine yet not too girly sweet. It’s got some spicey bite to it that I like, to counterpoint the floral rosy notes. I sometimes give myself a second spritz halfway through the day as it doesn’t last more than an hour or two, but that’s how natural perfumes without all those heady preservative chemicals are like.

By Johanna on April 30, 2012

Fun and funky fragrance, and no synthetics! 4

After having a red rash from a synthetic perfume reaction, I won’t use anything but natural fragrances from now on – even if they don’t linger as long as chemical concoctions do. This is my top pick for the moment, but Tallulah Jane has quite a few fun and funky fragrances to play around with.