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Boo-Tiful Sale ItemTallulah Jane Yiska Natural Eau de Parfum  

Yiska Natural Eau de Parfum

Our all natural take on the classic Fougere but with a twist.

By Tallulah Jane

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Size: 30mL/1fl.oz

Country: United States

Tallulah Jane Yiska Natural Eau de Parfum


2 customer reviews

Our all natural take on the classic Fougere but with a twist.

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More about this product

A dazzling splash of grapefruit and lime are blended with bergamot mint to create a bold introduction. A subtle yet charming floral accord then serves to broaden Yiska's ambiance as the Fougere base then reveals itself. Novel yet steeped in tradition. Resolute yet cultivated. This scent endeavors to complement today's discerning gentleman.


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By Daphne on April 30, 2012

Sexy 4

I find this a very sexy fragrance on my man, and it doesn't leave me sneezing like some of those synthetic colognes do. Mmmm.

By Pamela on January 10, 2013

Earthy 4

This is a sensual blend of herbs, spice, woods, mosses and ferns. Part sweet, part bitter, part sharp, but all sexy. Smells like a good hike in a lush and mossy forest after a hard rain. A perfect scent for earthy guys.

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Directions for use

Unlike its synthetic cousins, natural perfume doesn't need chemicals to express itself. But it does need a little time to breathe. Give it a minute or two after applying for full effect.


Ethyl Alcohol (Organic Grape Alcohol), Ricinus communis (Organic Castor Oil), Parfum (Fragrance)* *100% Organic, wildcrafted or natural essential oils.

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