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Reviews for Firming Flax Eye Cream

By The Body Deli

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By Julie on August 21, 2014

Perfect! 5

I love it! Don’t need much so it lasts very long. I had puffy eyes in the morning, like triple puffs!!! And no more! :))) 38 and everyone say I look 28…

By Megan on December 5, 2013

Must Buy! 5

This is by far the best eye cream I have ever used! (Even including harsh, chemical products…Shiver! Can’t believe what I used to put on my face!) Anyway – the product does exactly what it says – gently moisturizers, soothes, and is even helping with my dark under-eye circles. I think with continued use I will notice further skin tightening, as you can feel a slight firming sensation upon application. Thanks Body Deli!

By Kaye on November 22, 2013

gentle and soothing 4

This is a very nice eye cream, very soothing and gentle, and it moisturizes quite nicely. I think it does have, as its name suggests, a firming effect on the skin on the eyelids and undereye area, and I think it helps with crepiness as well — though I can’t speak to whether it helps to alleviate crow’s feet and laugh lines as these aren’t my particular problem. Where I think it falls down is in helping reduce puffiness, which is my particular problem. Hence a star off. It’s also a bit odd at first that the cream has no added fragrance, it’s totally naked in that regard and while the scent it does have isn’t unpleasant in any way, it can be a little surprising and offputting. But this is probably a ton better than slathering on anything with “parfum” near your eyes.

By Veronique on September 24, 2013

Love it! 5

I have very sensitive skin around my eyes and I find this cream is perfect. It does a great job of moisturizing and doesn’t sting at all. It’s very soft and creamy. You don’t need very much so the product should last a very long time. This is my favorite company. Love all their products!

By Fern on May 31, 2013

Gentle and moisturizing 4

My criteria for a good eye cream is no stinging, absorbs well, and provides a good moisturized base for concealer. This one meets the criteria.

By Vicki on March 13, 2013

Wonderful!!! 5

This is the best eye cream I have ever tried. I have tried many many organic eye creams looking for one that will help my dark circles. This is the first one I have found that actually makes my dark circles disappear. Plus it is a great moisturizer for wrinkles etc. I love it and am so glad to have found this line of products.

By Daphcali on March 11, 2013

Nice eye treatment 5

Have been using about a month and really like this cream. It’s not heavy and doesn’t irritate my eyes like most other products. One squirt is all you need for both eyes. My fine lines are softened and I hope continue to disappear with continued use.

By Smartshopper on March 8, 2013



By Frankie on February 12, 2013

Light and Effective 4

I never buy eye creams because I really think that if you have a good quality serum and moisturizer, they should work as well as an eye cream. However, I got this one as a gift with purchase and I do like it a lot. It seems to smoothen the fine lines and has the perfect texture. If you’re into eye creams, then this is your new BFF.

By Cathy on December 19, 2012

Great cream!!! 5

I ordered the sample size just to give it a try first and I will be definitely purchasing the full size very soon. This is a wonderful eye cream. I am almost done the trial size and I can see a huge difference. The eye area is moisturized all day and my eyes look more rested and alive then they ever have. A little goes a long way so it will last a pretty long time. Also the crows feet look less pronounced and that’s a great thing.

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