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About The Body Deli

Fresh Superfood Skincare

The Body Deli was founded in Palm Springs, California by two “cosmetic chefs” whose shared passion for healthy foods, botanicals and science evolved into a deliciously effective skin and hair care line. Their philosophy is that the nutrients in farm fresh produce are vital for both our outer radiance and our inner well-being. Harnessing raw living superfood ingredients such as blueberries, acai berry, pomegranate, goji berry, green tea and coconut, these rejuvenating products are fresh approach to healthy, beautiful skin care.

Organic Credentials

  • Made with certified organic and wild crafted ingredients, and local organic farm produce.
  • Fruit, vegetable and sprouted green superfood ingredients are formulated in a unique low temperature process that maintains and preserves the integrity of the natural active ingredients. This process allows for a fresher experience in natural color, aromatics and effectiveness.
  • Raw materials and finished products that are never tested on animals.
  • The Body Deli sources many ingredients from its local desert region, such as dates, sage, cactus, jojoba, pink grapefruit and aloe vera.
  • Products are sulfate, petrochemical, paraben and phthalates free.

What Makes This Brand Special

The Body Deli is committed to the idea that health and beauty starts from within and that a healthy diet and lifestyle are a must for looking and feeling our best. Fresh, raw superfoods are nature’s most concentrated form of nutrition. The skin, which is the largest organ of the body, has the ability to absorb up to 70% of anything that is topically applied on it. So, feeding the skin a vibrant diet of whole food based bioactive ingredients helps to supply it with the necessary nutrition at a cellular level, with radiant results.

Standout Products

Living Hair Shampoo $28.00 4.25 Living Hair Shampoo is formulated to bring your hair back to life.
The Body Deli Best Sellers Mini Face Kit $99.00 4.6667 Try The Body Deli's best selling facial care products featuring raw superfoods, organic ingredients, clinically proven actives and micro-clustered H2O for vibrant visible results.
Light Facial Emulsion $36.00 4.5 Light Facial Emulsion supplies a weightless flash flood of moisture.