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The Body Deli Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel  

Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel

Reveal the new you with this powerful superfood regenerating treatment.

By The Body Deli


Size: 60mL/2fl.oz

Country: United States

The Body Deli Radiance Enzyme Superfood Peel


6 customer reviews

Reveal the new you with this powerful superfood regenerating treatment.

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Certified 100% RAW Manuka Honey, which is known for its healing and skin regenerative properties as well as its high level of beneficial enzymes, creates an unparalleled smoothness and softness to the skin. Super foods high in Vitamin C such as acerola berry and camu camu, feeds and nourishes at the cellular level as plant enzymes and a wealth of sprouted green superfoods makes this peel the real deal for giving your face that natural GLOW. With regular use, the skin will be transformed with a healthier and more illuminated complexion. The results are truly amazing!


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By Lola on March 28, 2013

Not bad if you are a honey girl. 3

It's a good mask if you like honey on your face. Fairly difficult to spread it evenly without pulling skin too much. It's Ok mask but I will not repurchase since I don't really see any great improvements. As usual, I like the ingredients such as enzymes and fresh vegetable/grass juices. I would recommend for people with challenged skin (dermatitis, rosacea, very sensitive skin) to start with the mini size of this mask and start very slowly, allowing it sit not longer than 5 min.

By Cathy on September 12, 2012

Fantastic 5

I have a Sunday afternoon facial tradition where I treat myself to a little primping and pampering to get me ready for another week in the trenches. Usually a deep mask or peel is part of the ritual. This superfood peel is fantastic. I wish I could eat it, the ingredients sound so good (and good for you). You can almost feel it seeping into your skin, transferring its nutrients and vitamins and enzymes to reveal a fresher, more radiant complexion. It's like I'm lit from within. I seem to get better results the more I use it. Definitely give this one a try.

By Wendy on January 21, 2013

Great addition to my skin care routine 4

This is definitely a "worth a splurge" product. I don't usually spend that much on my skin care, especially as it's something I use just once a week or so, but it really is a great addition to my facial routine. The first few times I used it, I felt a mild kind of stinging (not in a painful way, but I could almost feel it penetrating my skin and sinking in deep, like the enzymes were dissolving my dry flakes or something). Now my skin is used to it, and it just gives me a refreshing feeling. I do feel rather radiant after each use.

By Britt on June 19, 2014

Pure joy of a mask 5

I love this enzyme peel mask. The honey scent is divine and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed. Pure joy to relax in a warm bath with this on my face. It is very thick and needs to be worked with a little water to be made into a spreadable consistency.

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Directions for use

For best results apply a generous layer of peel to warm, moist, cleansed face, allow peel to remain on the skin for a minimum of 15-20 minutes, up to one hour. After about 5 minutes or so, the honey will melt and from gravity move downward on the face. Using clean hands, press finger tips onto skin, using a rolling technique relocate honey to the areas that it has dripped from. Remove with warm water and pat dry. Peel can be used 1-2 times per week


(*) DENOTES ORGANICALLY GROWN - New Zealand +20 UMF Active Manuka Honey, L. Acidophilus, L. Bulgaricum, L. Leichmanni, L. Lactis, L.Caseii, L. Caucasicus, L. Fermenti, L. Plantarum, L. Brevis, L. Helveticus, B. Bifidum, B. Subtilis, B. Licheniformis, S. Boulardii, Amalase, Protease, Lipase, Papain, Bromelain, *Acerola Berry, *Camu Camu Berry, *Barley Grass Juice, *Wheat Grass Juice, *Oat Grass Juice, Spirulina, Chlorella, Dunaliella, Kelp, Dulse, *Carrot Juice, *Beet Juice, *Brocolli Juice, *Kale Juice, *Spinach Juice, Graviola, Goji Berry, Hawthorne Berry, Schizandra Berry, Nopal Cactus, Citric Acid.

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