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Reviews for Aura Multi Use Classic Blush

By Vapour

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By Claire on January 31, 2013

Natural looking flush 4

I love this kind of application for a blush. My powder compacts always get jostled about in my hand bag so they crack and flake and become hard to use. This handy little stick is so easy to smear on then rub in, for a really natural looking flush.

By Simone on November 6, 2012

Very natural looking 5

This is the most natural looking blush I ever tried. It just looks like you have real, healthy, fresh, outdoorsy skin – that cliche rosy glow we’re all after, rather than a fake makeup job. It doesn’t look like it’s pigment sitting on top of your skin, it’s more like it’s radiating from within. Beautiful.

By M. on September 29, 2012

Great Colours! 5

I have both Crush and Courtesan colours. I have pale skin and dark hair and both work well for me. Blends well – looks like a healthy natural glow. Feels nice on the skin and I love the subtle scent. Love the Vapour tube roll up packaging.

By Tanya on September 6, 2012

Blends in beautifully 4

I had to work on my technique a bit. First time out I put two big circles on my cheeks and looked a bit clownish. I’ve now got the hang of it. Make sure the stick is warmed up a bit by coloring on your hand. Then it glides on super smooth – rubs and blends in beautifully. It’s a really soft, natural blush effect.

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