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Reviews for Elixir Lip Plumping Gloss

By Vapour

By Erin on April 13, 2013

Perfect! 5

Purchased this is beguile, and am loving it! I picked the colour after getting a personalized colour consultation on the Vapour website. It’s kind of cool, you send them an email with your info and a photo of yourself and they pick your shades. So far all of the picks have been spot on.

By Cara on February 14, 2013

Best lip gloss 4

Just about the best lip gloss ever. The texture is right on. Smooth and shiny but not sticky. I wear it alone, but you can add it over lip stick too for an added layer of sheen. I love the color selection – everything from naturals to vibrants. Makes my lips soft and smoochable, and I love how there’s no yucky chemicals in there to ingest.

By Marlene on October 9, 2012

Nice High Shine, Silky Gloss 4

I purchased “Pout”, on the screen it looked like a soft pink however, when I received it, its more like a pinky-brown. It goes on so smooth and thin though it pretty much looks clear with a nice high gloss shine. I haven’t noticed any plumping.

By Mb on October 5, 2012

Love it. 5

I love this lip gloss. The color is wonderfully vibrant and the shine just right. I haven’t noticed any plumping action but the gloss is enough for me.

By Lydia on October 2, 2012

Amazing lip gloss 5

This is a super-hydrating lip gloss. You get colour and balm-like conditioning in one product. I bought three different shades and love them all!

By Jackie on September 7, 2012

Not too slick - which is a good thing 4

I’ve never been a big fan of “wand” lip glosses before. Always too slick and gloopy for my liking. This one is different. You get a shimmer and a softness but not that sticky, shiny thick layer I loathe. A dab of this over my regular lipstick (Vapour has some excellent ones) and it takes things up a notch. I wouldn’t say it plumps my lips like a collagen injection, but it does make things look luscious.

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