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Reviews for Illusionist Concealer

By Vapour

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By Makeuprus on October 16, 2014

Great buy! 5

Great coverage, consistent application, lasts a long time! Worth the buy.

By Meagan on June 30, 2014

Doesn't stay put 2

I really wanted to like this product but I cannot find the right shade and it doesn’t stay put very well – especially when it’s important to coverage a blemish. I believe it may be because Vapour’s stick products tend to be somewhat oily. Needs more staying power!

By Dania on June 28, 2014

Doesn't cover acne or redness. 3

I don’t feel like it conceals very much. I bought a tube to try it out and I have used it on pimples and my red nose. It doesn’t really cover anything up. I’ll be trying other brands to see if I can find something better.

By Cassandra on August 25, 2013

Very sheer and illuminating 5

I have been using this concealer exclusively for a couple of years and absolutely love it… I would say coverage is very sheer but somewhat buildable; I would not recommend it for those needing full coverage. I actually transitioned to a foundation-free complexion using this concealer. I am lucky not to need much under my eyes; I use it for blemishes (works perfectly and blends beautifully) and to highlight certain areas on days when I look tired. I use the same shade as my skin (020) and this really makes it look flawless (which it is not!). This concealer illuminates more than it covers. I hope this review helps anyone who is looking for a natural concealer.

By Fern on May 6, 2013

Illusionist is the right word! 1

This did absolutely nothing to conceal my dark circles. Nothing, nada…
I had the same experience with Vapour’s Instant Skin Perfector. Maybe I don’t get what these products are supposed to do…

By Fern on April 30, 2013

Illusionist is the right word.... 1

There is nothing concealing about this product. As far as I’m concerned this is another Vapour product that does absolutely nothing.

By Lola on April 13, 2013

Ok, but not enough covearge. 3

Very nice soft and creamy-melting formula of concealer. Unfortunately, does not cover under eyes circles well. Simply does not have enough coverage. And circles under my eyes are not that bad… Also, I would not recommend to use this concealer for blemishes. First, it does not cover them well, second- not great to use on acne prone skin since the formula is a hundred percent oil. Personally, I found Suki corrector to work on blemishes better. I got # 010 Illusionist Concealer for myself, and my skin is fairly light. Probably the lightest tone would work a bit better under my eyes because #010 has natural yellowish tone to it.

By Ash on April 5, 2013

Easy to apply and blend - Lovely! 5

I am very pleased with this concealer. It has a lovely satin finish and isn’t at all greasy. Like the Vapour foundations, I would suggest going lighter than you might think. I wear the liquid in 100 and find the 000 concealer perfect. It covers under eye circles and blemishes beautifully! Smells like other Vapour products, which is a slightly fruity herbal oil smell in my opinion that is pleasant.

By Ashleigh on February 7, 2013

I would recommend this 4

I’m very happy with this concealer. I use it on blemishes as well as under my eyes. Very easy to apply and blend. May not have quite the staying power of other mainstream drug store concealers, but I would much rather compromise slightly in that area then use a product full of harmful chemicals. The ingredients in all Vapour products are wonderful. Also love the compact size.

By Frankie on February 4, 2013

Light coverage 1

The concealer has a sheen that defies the purpose of trying to hide something. The stick/product is not moist enough, which means that the delivery is minimal. Fine for light coverage but if you’re looking for something that will cover your dark circles for a certain amount of time, this isn’t it.

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