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Reviews for Soft Focus Stratus Skin Perfector

By Vapour

Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 hearts
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By Meagan on June 30, 2014

Love This! 5

I use this as a moisturizer after a shower and it works very well! I find it helps even out my skin tone before applying foundation. Give my skin a nice glow and also makes it easier to apply makeup overtop. Really love this product!

By Dania on June 28, 2014

More like a primer than a perfector. 3

It doesn’t do much for acne scars. I think it works better for holding the foundation in place, so I would consider it more of a primer than a skin perfecter. I am not certain that I would spend the money for another bottle.

By Michelle on November 27, 2013

Wow!! 5

This is a wonderful product! It makes my skin so soft! It adds a little shimmer (luminescence) to my face and preps it for my foundation. It gives my face a glow. I would wear just this, but I do use Vapour foundation. This is quite pricey, but worth it, as I feel it does what it says it does, and I love that it is an organic product. Love it!!!

By Daphcali on March 11, 2013

Makes a difference 5

Have been using under the Vapour makeup and recommend it. Really does give your skin that extra boost and smooths out those little imperfections. Makes your markup glide on more easily which helps you use a little less, and like the makeup it’s weightless. You don’t need much so use sparingly after applying your moisturizer.

By Joelle on February 7, 2013

Perfect non-foundation 4

I’ve never liked a tinted foundation as I find it too fake or masky looking for my skin. I have a pretty decent complexion so I don’t need to hide much. However, this really has taken things to another level for me. It smooths me out, makes my skin radiate light and gives me just the right a touch of moisture. Primes me for a touch of blush, maybe a hint of powder, and then I’m good to go. It really makes my face go from good to flawless. Fantastic stuff!

By Heather on January 24, 2013

If you like dewy skin, this is for you... 4

Love the texture of this product!

By Monica on September 11, 2012

For that airbrushed look 5

You know that flawless airbrushed look of models skin? I think this is their secret weapon (well, that and Photoshop). This magic lotion has really taken the look and feel of my skin up a notch. It’s the perfect primer base for my foundation (Vapour, of course) and I’ve never looked better or felt more confident.