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Reviews for Stratus Instant Skin Perfector

By Vapour

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By E on July 20, 2013

worth it! 5

mmm, this is really nice! i tried the soft focus foundation and liked it so much i wanted to give this a try too (was scared off by inconsistent ratings at first). i actually like this even better. a nice smelling, nice feeling barrier between me, the sun, the wind, the whatever. my skin is already pretty awesome ;) and it stays that way by staying protected and moisturized. and yeah, this does “perfect” it as promised, this is the kind of thing you would want to put on your face before taking pictures or to look more put together at at work or a special occasion, because it really does reflect light in such a way as to even out your skin tone and give you that ‘airbrushed’ effect. worth it!

By Heather on April 17, 2013

Useless product 1

I bought this product on the strength of the early rave reviews, and I was gobsmacked to discover that the product is 100% useless. I even tried applying to only half my face to see if there would be a visible difference, and there wasn’t. Save your money – the promises of luminosity are greatly exaggerated. I don’t know what the early reviewers were talking about.

By K on April 16, 2013

Not for me 2

If my face were flawless then I can see how this would give just the perfect glow. However, it enhances my acne even more and feels greasy when layered with cover-up.

By Fern on April 13, 2013

Doesn't do a thing for me.... 1

I don’t notice anything different after using this. I was looking for something light to even out my skin tone, which is not really that uneven. This product doesn’t change or improve my complexion whatsoever.

By Rachel on April 12, 2013

Smooth surface for foundation, nice glow 4

This product gives the skin a nice glow; however, by itself it isn’t quite moisturizing enough for me (at least in the winter). I’m sure it will be much more effective once the humid summer begins. It definitely provides a smooth surface for foundation application and a little goes a very long way.

By Lesley on April 11, 2013

Skin clogging 1

Found it very skin clogging, even in a small amount. Caused skin eruptions after two days of use. Will not use again

By Erin on April 9, 2013

Didn't do much to even out my complexion 2

I have few skin imperfections except for red somewhat blotchy cheeks and was looking for something with light coverage to even things out and give me a natural look. I am looking for a replacement from my non-green tinted moisturizer. However this stick didn’t do much for me, had better success with the Vapour Luminous foundation stick applied as needed over my moisturizer.

By Ash on April 5, 2013

Smooths the skin 4

In terms of colour match, the 902 is perfect for my fair skin. I don’t find it moisturizing enough to use without a moisturizer, but it definitely makes my skin feel smooth and is an excellent primer for Vapour foundation. I might have expected a bit more with all the rave reviews, but I would say I am generally happy with the product. I wonder if I might like the liquid version better, as it tends to drag a bit on the skin when applying.

By Carrie on February 22, 2013

Very nice! 4

I use this as a moisturizer under my Vapour Luminous foundation stick. It glides on nicely and is like a translucent putty, not thick at all or greasy. 903 gives you a very slight yellow tint which is perfect for my medium skin with yellow undertones. It doesn’t cover redness though. But that’s why I bought the foundation. I’d rather not have tons of coverage and let my face breathe and my natural skin radiate through. Not a lot of shine, just a dewy finish. I think this stick will last longer than the liquid.

By Edith on December 18, 2012

My acne scars disappear after using this. 5

I use 903 color. I have acne scars to the right & left of my mouth. Stratus Instant Skin Perfector makes them disappear. It’s almost like body putty, but it’s totally invisible! After using Vapour Soft Focus Foundation, I slide this stick over my entire chin area and to the right & left of my mouth. I went from having exaggerated smile lines (caused by my acne scars) to having normal smile lines…becaue this product removes the bad skin effects of my teen years (I’m now 64). I have somewhat pale but sallow skin, and the 903 color doesn’t affect the color of my skin. It blends perfectly with my foundation.

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