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W3LL PEOPLE – Beauty Conscious

W3LL PEOPLE, a.k.a. Beauty Dream Team, is comprised of a makeup guru, cosmetic dermatologist and treehugger. This feisty demanding trio bring a refreshing level of artistry, technology and responsibility to the overwhelming world of cosmetics. The result is makeup that’s quite honestly pure as a saint, but sexy as sin. Learn more »

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Natural Warrior Power Beauty $71.00 By W3LL PEOPLE
Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara $23.50 By W3LL PEOPLE Out of stock
Paganist Lip Gloss $21.50 4 By W3LL PEOPLE 0.5g/0.017 oz
Elitist Mineral Shadow $16.00 4.5 By W3LL PEOPLE .05oz/1.5g
Altruist Mineral Foundation $33.00 5 By W3LL PEOPLE 6g/0.2 oz
Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick $39.75 4.25 By W3LL PEOPLE .04oz/ 1g
Nudist Colorbalm $19.50 5.2353 By W3LL PEOPLE 2g/0.07 oz
Universalist Multi-Use Color Stick $34.50 4.8333 By W3LL PEOPLE .04oz/ 1g
Realist X Mineral Primer/Polisher Powder : Clear/ Trans $24.00 3 By W3LL PEOPLE 6g/0.2 oz Out of stock
Hedonist Mineral Bronzer $23.00 4.4286 By W3LL PEOPLE 6g/0.2 oz Out of stock
Capitalist Mineral Brow Pigment $16.00 5 By W3LL PEOPLE .05oz/1.5g
Hypnotist Mineral Eye Pencil : Black $18.50 By W3LL PEOPLE .04oz/ 1g