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Reviews for Calendula Baby Cream

By Weleda

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By Sarah on October 16, 2014

Great for very dry skin 4

This cream works wonders on very dry skin. I only use it as needed as it is very thick. I use the Waleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion for day to day moisturizing for my daughter as it is much easier to apply. However, when needed this cream really works!

By Wanda on February 20, 2012

Soothes and prevents diaper rash 4

This is my green replacement for vaseline which I use as a protective barrier on my son’s bottom to help soothe and prevent diaper rash. It is a little thick and tacky, but if you warm it up on your fingers a bit before you start rubbing on it becomes quite spreadable. Any excess I rub on my hands and cuticles for a makeshift manicure.

By Vera on February 18, 2011

Pretty good 4

I like this cream because it is highly moisturizing, but it is a bit of a pain to apply. I usually load a large amount on the back of my hand so that it melts as I paint it on my daughter in batches. I have heard that Weleda’s baby oil is easier to apply, but I worry about getting all of her clothes oily. Despite this cream being kinda annoying to apply, it smells wonderful and does what it’s supposed to. That is enough to make me keep buying it.

By Krissy on February 15, 2011

Great! 4

I use this on my 7 and 10 year olds for chapped hands. We love it. Smells great, very thick but works like a charm to heal their very dry skin.

By Laura on January 25, 2011

Sticky, non-smooth lotion 1

We don’t care for this product. It does not go on our baby smoothly – it is somewhat sticky, and it is hard to spread on our baby’s skin. We normally love Weleda products; this is the only one for which we really do not care. The scent is ok. The consistency is thick, and it does moisturize. The biggest issue is that it just does not go on well. Erbabviva Baby Lotion (and the Cream, too) is much, much, much better.

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