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Reviews for Calendula Diaper Care

By Weleda

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By Christine on October 16, 2014

Perfect for a gift!! 5

This was a gift for my sister in law and she really likes it, she asked me where I bought it and now purchases it.

By Lindsay on January 4, 2014

Great Diaper Cream! 5

This diaper cream worked like a charm on my three kids when they were little. It also has a pleasant smell.

By Chimunkmama on December 1, 2013

Must have! 5

I used this product when my baby was born. He had diaper rushes sometimes and I put this cream on his bum. It works a miracle. His rushes healed after a day or two. It’s reasonable and works great!

By Tara on October 19, 2012

Magic! 5

This is diaper cream is magic. When my little guy’s tooshie gets a little red, this cream takes the redness away by the next diaper change. I have given this gift to friends with new babies and they didn’t believe me when I said it was magic until their babies had diaper rash and now they love this product as much as I do!

By Jacqueline on August 28, 2012

Best Diaper Cream Available 5

I have three children and I give this to all my new mother friends. I used it on all three children and nothing compares, absolutely nothing. After using this I would use nothing else.

By Hanna on May 11, 2012

Gold standard 5

This is the gold standard of diaper creams! Works superbly without any yucky synthetics in there.

By Happy on February 25, 2011

Great product! 5

Yesterday my baby got his first diaper rushes. Today his rushes are almost gone! This cream really works!

By Vera on February 18, 2011

The best diaper cream! 5

All natural and it smells great. One tube lasts us a couple of months and cleared up the 2 or 3 diaper rashes we’ve had in sometimes as soon as a few hours. LOVE this product and recommend it highly

By Crystal on February 16, 2011

Best diaper cream out there! 5

I have tried a few different creams on my daughter’s sensitive skin, but none of them cleared her rash as quickly. I also like that it doesn’t have a strong smell or leave a greasy residue behind.

By Jessica on January 25, 2011

Best Diaper Cream! 5

I used a small amount of the diaper cream on my daughter, with extremely sensative skin, on a daily basis and she rarely got a diaper rash. If a diaper rash did appear, it would clear up within a day or two. It also seems to help her dry skin patches.

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