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Weleda - Cultivating Beauty

Biodynamic Methods used by Weleda

The garden is where it all begins. The quality of the soil, seed, and plant reflects the quality of their finished products. Weleda is a leader in biodynamic farming, a highly regulated, chemical free agricultural method that was popularized by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Over 250 varieties of healing plants are grown in Weleda gardens worldwide.

The medicinal plant gardens are cultivated using the Biodynamic method. What biodynamic and organic gardens have in common are the enhancement of soil and the cultivation of plants that are not burdened with synthetic/chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Biodynamic cultivation goes a step further that just organic with the help of biodynamic preparations.These include natural sprays as well as compost preparations made from herbs such as yarrow, chamomile, nettle and dandelion.

As the sun starts to rise the Earth breathes out. When evening approaches the earth breathes back in and the plants vital essence gravitate back down. For Weleda this daily rhythm means that healing plants are harvested in the morning, the time when the plants are awakened by the forces of the sun. Weleda views the earth as a living organism. Plants, animals, and people, everything that lives on the earth, stands in a particular relationship to this organism and its surrounding - the cosmos.

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