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Reviews for Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream

By Weleda

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By Molly on September 8, 2013

perfect hand cream 5

I have been looking for a hand cream that can consistently smooth my slightly rough hands, and am so pleased to have found this from Weleda! It works like a charm. Also, I am usually quite sensitive to smell, but have not found the scent of this product at all overwhelming.

By Cathy on October 13, 2012

Strong scent!! 4

Great cream but the scent is quite powerful. If you don’t mind fragrance then this cream is for you. I am very sensitive to fragrance. But I have to say the cream is wonderful it absorbs quickly and leaves your hands so soft. I would buy again if it was fragrance free.

By Fern on June 30, 2012

It really is 'Regenerating' 5

Another winner from Weleda. I have very very dry hands and this cream works beautifully for me. I apply it at bedtime and my hands feel and look great. I’ve tried many different brands and this is the only one that has consistently worked for me.

By Jasmine on June 23, 2012

Great cream with a heavy scent 4

This cream was quite nice. It was hydrating without leaving any sort of film on your hands.
Beware if you are sensitive to scents. I found the scent overpowering, I had to keep my hands as far away from my face as possible until the product wore off.
I would highly recommend this hand cream for people who enjoy a little scent.

By Nelly on March 23, 2012

Antioxident powerhouse 5

Pomegranate is a antioxidant powerhouse. It has been praised as a superfood and I can personally attest that it is also super for the skin. It hydrates and softens my hands, but I also use it on my elbows, knees and feet. You will love the smell and the effect it has on your skin.

By Happy on February 16, 2011

Girls best friend! -keeps your hand happy all day and night 5

I just had a baby and have to wash my hands every time I change his diaper. My skin gets pretty dry, so good hand cream is a must have. I love the smell of this hand cream, so cute! This cream has lighter texture than the Skin Food, but definitely moisturize and soften your skin. I like using this cream during daytime, then the Skin Food before I go to bed.

By Liz on February 15, 2011

Nice moisturizing hand cream without being greasy 4

I really like this hand cream. It has a subtle scent and is moisturizing without being greasy. I wash my hands a lot, being a health care professional, so it’s important to have a good hand cream.
I also like the ingredients

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