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Reviews for Shaving Cream

By Weleda

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By Sue on October 9, 2013

Family Favourite Product 5

Both my husband and son use this shaving cream. After years of using the chemical-based creams, my husband has been completely converted as he has no more redness, dryness or itchiness after shaving. Also we have both noticed a big improvement in his skin tone and texture. As mentioned my son also uses this cream and ladies, it is also great for legs!

By Sky on September 1, 2011

Great product 5

My wife got this for me. It doesn’t provide the thick lather of the mainstream gels and foams but it’s sufficient and my skin feels and looks much healthier for using it. I can even shave more than once per week now without getting razor burn as before.

By Leeann on February 17, 2011

Good lather without stripping skin 5

I got this for my partner and he loves it. He has considerable facial hair and needs to shave daily, so he was impressed that only a small amount of cream was needed with his shaving brush. Skin is soft and smooth after and he’s definitely not going back to foaming gels.

By Rachel on February 15, 2011

Perfect for sensitive types 5

My partner’s very sensitive – he has terrible skin allergies. He had all but given up on shaving creams until we found this one. It’s gentle, soothing, and foams well. I love using it too!

By Jennifer on January 25, 2011

Great smelling, hydrating, soothing, close shave 5

I helped my husband find the full line of Weleda shave products once we decided to switch away from the department store brands. Weleda does not disappoint. The shaving cream is hydrating and you get a really close shave. The whole line of shaving products from Weleda is fabulous. I use the shaving cream on my legs, as well. My husband’s skin smells SO delicious after he’s done shaving!

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