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Reviews for Feed Your Hold Hair Spray

By Yarok

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By Kathiann on December 27, 2013

I Natural Beauty Must 5

I love this hairspray. I find that it works just fine for me. As far as naturals go, this is the best one I’ve found and it’s a doable price, unlike some of the other naturals. Not too sticky, holds all day, and smells good.

By Ann on December 30, 2012

Not a fan 2

This is a very sticky hair spray. Whenever I’ve used it, my floor literally ends up sticky, as does my hair. The hold is pretty good I guess, but again it’s sticky even after it’s dried. It also (to me at least) smells like ginger and saliva.

By Jcie on October 25, 2012

Good hold 4

This is a pretty good natural hairspray, the hold can be pretty intense in terms of crunchy hair if too much is used, which is actually quite easy to do with the spray. I’ve solved this by cutting it with Yarok’s Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner (50/50 mix) and it does the job quite well. Now I get to style and condition my hair at the same time!

By Allie on August 17, 2012

Decent hold, don't overuse when styling 3

The ingredients in this product are great, and it does have a holding/styling effect. The only negatives I would say are that it’s quite easy to apply too much. You really have to follow the instructions of a mist at arms length. If you get too enthusiastic and spray strands too close say before straightening, it gets a little brittle/crunchy. Not really a negative point, just something to be aware of! I use this for hold, but don’t spray “before” styling as in using a curling iron. Use another product for that.

By Memaw on July 29, 2012

Natural feeling hair spray 5

Love this hair spray. I am not a hair spray user because most of them are stiff and sticky, but this is not either one. It is soft but holds very naturally. I will definitely rebuy.

By Lisa on June 15, 2012

Give it a pass 1

I can’t tell you whether it works, because the pump stopped working after the first use. If I rinse it every time, I can get a few dribbles. I love their other products, but I would give this one a pass.

By Kate on April 27, 2012

Not much of a hold 3

This spray doesn’t have much of a hold at all. It does texturize hair and provide a light hold which is nice. It also smells really good, which is a plus, but as a spray to hold a style, I’d look elsewhere.

By Margaux on April 20, 2012

No nasty no-nos 4

This isn’t a strong, stiff, mega-hold spray (who needs that anyway), but if you are looking for a light to medium mist with a touch of control, this is a great product. Bonus karma points that it is completely natural with no nasty no-nos in it.

By Mary on March 10, 2012

Nice smell, but no hold 3

This is a light hair spray definitely NOT medium as described. I have thick, curly hair and even when I flat ironed it the hairspray didn’t have any hold. Also my husband used it on his fine straight hair and it still didn’t have much of a hold. Pleasant smell though!

By Christy on October 27, 2011

Keep coming back for this hair spray! 5

Oh yes, love this one! I started with the smaller size after developing a facial rash from an allergic reaction to some cheap drugstore hairspray. This works beautifully to hold my long, fine hair after using hot rollers without any reaction on my skin. Just purchased the biggest size – definitely a good value.

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