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Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse  

Feed Your Roots Mousse

Transform thin, limp, damaged or lifeless hair into va-va-voom voluminous, healthy hair.

By Yarok


Country: United States

Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse


16 customer reviews

Transform thin, limp, damaged or lifeless hair into va-va-voom voluminous, healthy hair.

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More about this product

Feed it what it needs, wants and craves at the roots, and watch it flourish and lead a much fuller life.

Raise your hair to new heights with Yarok Feed Your Roots while you lower your carbon footprint with this 100% vegan, cruelty free, and all-natural eco-luscious mousse for all hair types.


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By Jcie on October 24, 2012

Smooth, touchable hair 3

Perhaps it's because of the lack of chemicals and because I do have really long hair (mid-back), this doesn't really give me the volume that I was expecting. On the other hand, this product also doesn't give me crunchy hair at all and seems to keep all my normally out-of-control flyaways under check. I've only used it on wet hair at the roots before blow drying and not on dry hair yet. If you're looking for a conditioning styling/heat protecting product that still leaves touchable hair, then this is definitely the product for you- as long as you're not expecting the big hair that traditional mousses sometimes result in.

By Dr on August 13, 2013

Adds control to already voluminous hair, too! 5

I used this product on my curly, already voluminous hair to control the frizziness and to give it better form. Although it dries a bit crispy when applied to wet hair, the crispiness comes out if you work your hair a bit after it dries. I love the healthy thickness that this product gives me my rather wild mane. Curly girls with lots of volume can use it for this purpose/ Yarok is my favorite hair company out there, and this is going to be one among many other of my essential products from their line.

By E. on February 2, 2012

great conditioning and grooming product 4

This is a rockin mousse, but I do find it is more of a conditioner that gives overall very slight volume but mainly works its magic by giving you a groomed look, soft hair, and making bangs, ends and flyaways more presentable, as opposed to letting you create insane pouf styles like you might expect from a mousse. I love it for keeping my shaggy long bangs looking like they're meant to be that way, and for texturizing and shaping right after I wash. It has a subtle and natural effect. I have long, unrepentantly straight, fine but thick hair, so YMMV!

By H on October 19, 2012

Superior Product 5

I know a little something about hair and hair care products and admit I was skeptical. I stand corrected. For styling wet shoulder length hair it provides just enough volume and hold for the entire day without any sticky build up and provides a great softness to the touch. For short hair wet hair it styled great and stayed in place, again without the sticky build up. The other benefit I found with this product is it nourishes so there is not need for extra conditioner and your hair has a nice subtle healthy shine. Product is not traditional foam, it is a liquid which I prefer when applying to wet hair for even distribution. I have not used this product on dry hair. I highly recommend this product for all hair types and lengths. I have tried most products, salon and retail and in my opinion I honestly believe there is no better product on the market today.

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Directions for use

Use on wet hair before blow drying to protect from heat styling and to create volume or on dry hair to enhance volume and styling potential. Apply golf ball size amount of mousse to the palm of the hand or onto a comb and massage into the roots and throughout the hair for increased volume.


Distilled Vitamin Enhanced Water; organic non-GMO corn or rice extract; certified organic vegetable glycerin; organic herbal extracts of: black currant, beet root, kham thai and blueberry; natural plant sourced vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C; organic coconut oil, plant sourced kosher vegan xanthan gum & potassium sorbate; organic African black soap; Vitamin A; organic essential oils of: rosemary and litsea cubeba.

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