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Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum  

Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum

Keep your hair young and beautiful with this powerful blend of pure essential oils packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, providing the ultimate longevity and promoting treatment for all hair types.

By Yarok


Size: 30mL/1fl.oz

Country: United States

Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum


5 customer reviews

Keep your hair young and beautiful with this powerful blend of pure essential oils packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, providing the ultimate longevity and promoting treatment for all hair types.

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A key ingredient is Yarrow Oil, which is prescribed for dry skin conditions while Avocado Oil is among the most therapeutic and vitamin-rich oils.


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By Adee on March 30, 2013

Good stuff! 4

I really like this serum. I use it before I go to bed on dry hair, comb it through and then wash it out in the morning, it soothes my scalp, which is very dry in the winter months. Leaves my hair soft and shiny, just like I've had a deep conditioning treatment. So far, I am very pleased with every Yarok product I have tried.

By Mary on March 10, 2012

Happy Scalp! 5

I have tried using various oils in my hair , but they irritated my scalp. I was very hesitant about trying this, but I am very pleased and happy to say my scalp has never felt better! :o).

By Deena on August 17, 2012

Didn't repurchase. 3

I used this before bed on my dry, long, curly hair. The product absorbs so that, in the morning, my hair doesn't look greasy or weighed down as one might expect with an oil treatment. The problem is that I had to wonder if it made any difference at all, especially when I wet and conditioned my hair the next day as normal. I liked the smell and the idea of this serum--I just didn't see any long-term effects that warranted my purchasing another bottle to continue using it.

By E. on February 2, 2012

aromatherapy spa, ahh 5

This is a GREAT oil that smells beautiful and is very effective to soften and condition hair. It is quite heavy and definitely not a styling or leave in product- I like to use it overnight before washing. The smell is herbal and fresh, not from added scents, which is very important because I am uber sensitive to scents, and even many 'natural' or 'pure essential oil' scents have some component that puffs my face into a ball. But I crave nice smells, and something lovely like this makes me sing for joy ;)

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Directions for use

Apply three full droppers to hair, work through, and leave in 10 minutes, shampoo and condition. For deep hydration, apply as before, leave in 10 minutes or more with heat applied (wrap a hot towel around hair, sit in sauna, steam room, hot tub, hot bath with towel wrap, or exercise.)


Avocado Oil (regenerates, superior moisturizer, rich in Vitamins A, D and E, high in essential unsaturated fatty acids, helps soften skin, scalp and hair), Apricot Kernel Oil (rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid, high in Vitamins A, E and C, penetrates the scalp. excellent for softening and moisturizing hair, helps skin on scalp retain elasticity, clarity and suppleness, recommended for mature, sensitive scalp that is inflamed, irritated or dry), Wheat Germ (known for its healing properties, rich in Vitamins E, A, D, Proteins, Lecithin and Squalene, a natural preservative when mixed in other oils, contains essential fatty acids – the perfect vegan alternative to fish oil), Ylang Ylang (this intensely sweet, soft, floral-balsamic, slightly spicy scent was used in the Victorian age as a hair treatment and a toner to balance oily scalp),Yarrow Oil (an age-old herbal tonic used to help heal rashes, cuts, eczema, scars and burns and also thought to promote hair growth.) Orange Blossom Oil (named after a Princess of Nerola in Italy who wore it as a perfume, helps with blood circulation known to calm and uplift the spirit), Bitter Orange (helps blood circulation, controls oil production)

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